Quality Control


The world class plants where in the rice is processed are full state of the art automatic plants with complete automatic inflow and out flow of the material.

The plants are equipped with most modern Pre- cleaners, De- stoners, Precision- sizers, Graders, Paddy Separators, Dehuskers, etc. Pre- cleaners and Magnets are used at various stages to ward off foreign material. These plants have a milling capacity of more than 10 tons per house.

Our professionals pay very close attention to ensure that every grain coming out is perfect. No effort is spared to ensure that the rice that leaves the company premises is of the best quality.

Same procedure is followed for the processing of Spices. And only the best quality products are exported.


The systematic Examination, Checking and Re- checking of Paddy and Rice to determine the end product's fool-proof quality, is our mastered forte.

The series of Colour Sorters and Multi Sorters are installed at the plants. When the rice is passed through these series of sorting machines it gets free from glasses, plastic granules, foreign material, dust materials, damaged rice, discolored and unwanted grain.

In addition to the above, stringent quality checks are carried out for our Spices products ensuring, at every level, that the products are free from any and every hazardous residue, Metals and Colouring etc.